CS 598: Special Topics on Adversarial Machine Learning (Fall 2019)

Goal of the class

The goal with this class is to introduce participants to adversarial machine learning, including research areas related with security, privacy, and machine learning. This is a field that requires some mathematical maturity to understand and value the contributions of the papers. The course will provide some basic background information to the participants as well as in-depth discussion about the state of the art research.

Paper Presentation Guidelines:

* For the presenter: For each presented paper, please provide an overview of the paper and in-depth discussion, including: What problem the paper tries to address and how? How does it fit into the broader context (e.g., related work)? What are the positive and negative aspects of the paper/approach? What new research questions does it raise?​

* For the audience: Please read the paper before each class and put your questions in the collected googledoc so that the presenter can try to answer it, or we can discuss the questions in the class as well.​


Course Schedule (Tentative)

8/27   Course Overview

  • For the first class, I will spend some time on explaining background ideas about general adversarial machine learning, including the fundamental causes of the problem and current research status.

10/3  Poisoning Attacks Against Machine Learning Models   Slides 1   Slides 2

10/10   Guest Lecture (Prof. Ruoyu Sun)

​Adversarial Robustness: Geometrical Perspective   Slides

10/24  Guest Lecture (Prof. Ce Zhang)

​           TBD

11/5  Status Report Summary   Slides

11/21   Guest Lecture (Chaowei Xiao)

​           TBD

11/26  Thanksgiving Break

11/28  Thanksgiving Break

12/10  Final Project Presentation Slides